I’m a senior at Brigham Young University studying interdisciplinary humanities with an emphasis in Spanish literature. I am especially passionate about the visual arts, particularly film and am a regular at the university’s international cinema program. I am currently working at the Springville Museum of Art as an educator intern where I assist in organizing museum events, writing curriculum, and teaching art programs for schools across Utah. I aspire to teach secondary education in both spanish language and the humanities and to continue to improve my creative and critical writing skills in either a professional or personal capacity.

Before working as an intern for the Springville Museum of Art, I worked as a team lead at LDS Philanthropies in Brigham Young University’s fundraising department, assisting in the training of eight student fundraisers while working to improve the structure and efficiency of the call center through close interaction with the call center manager and other student leaders.

In my spare time I enjoying rock climbing across Utah with my husband.